A Task Force for Action- Southport, CT

Jean W. from Southport, CT

At Trinity Episcopal Church Southport we have formed a task force, Trinity Against Gun Violence, and our mission statement is to do what we can do to alleviate gun violence. We advocate education and gun safety, particularly when it involves children, and we do not offer judgments about gun ownership. We consider gun safety a public health issue.

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“With God’s help - the struggle continues….”

Arthur S. from Williamstown, NJ

I serve as the director of the Historical Society & Archives of the African Episcopal Church of Saint Thomas, Philadelphia, PA (Episcopal congregation founded by the Rev. Absalom Jones). Together with our rector - the Rev. Fr. Martini Shaw, Th.D. - a group of laity are developing a social justice initiative that will address, among other things, the issue of violence from a multifaceted perspective: theological, historical, health, criminal justice, legislative (local/national/gun control), community capacity building/intervention. With God's help - the struggle continues....

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Violence in the Media

Jay G. from Oklahoma City, OK

Violence in media dilutes any sense of morality by minimalizing the truth of violence's real impact when imature minds decide to act out what the continual barrage of violence in media makes common-place. The rise of violence can be directly correlated to the percent of violent content in media in the same way that global warming can be correlated to the rise of CO2 in the atmosphere. There is no reason for assault weapons to be available to the general public. It is promoted to make money with no thought of the consequences to civil society. It should be stopped.

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A Commitment to Ending the Culture of Violence

Rebecca S. from Ashland, OR

I don't have a story, but I do have a commitment to ending the culture of gun violence in our country. As a child protection attorney in Alaska I saw first hand how often children were accidentally killed or injured by guns the adults in their worlds kept around the house. Even now that we have left Alaska, I am continuously reminded of how many young Alaskans, especially young men and young Natives, use the guns that used to be needed for the subsistence life to end their own lives in times of despair. Guns are not the only problem of course, and we need to take a multifaceted approach to eliminating these unnecessary and wasteful deaths.

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‘There is no role for for guns and violence here.’

Jane M. from Blowing Rock, NC

I remember when there was a great deal more respect for the lives of all people. Authority figures were there to see that rules which governed our behavior were adhered to: not just law enforcers but parents, teachers, clergy persons; all the way back to those who were admonished to care for orphans and widows, the sick and those who mourn. There is no role for for guns and violence here.

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‘Our children are in trouble in this country’

Joanne M. from Anaheim, CA

First, I am afraid that, like the "war on drugs" hasn't worked, & has created a black market and all sorts of problems, making guns illegal will only serve to take weapons out of the hands of regular people who try to abide by our laws, while leaving them in the hands of criminals. But for a private citizen to have the arsenal of lethal weapons that Adam Lanza's mother owned seems a bit extreme.

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A Letter to Elected Officials

Ronald S. from  Mystic, CT

I sent the following letter to my national and state representatives today:

Dear Senator,

I am writing today to urge you to take strong policy action that will put effective controls on guns in our nation. In my opinion, guns convey a dangerous sense of power on all users, criminals and “responsible” people alike. The abuse of this power is a significant contributor to the culture-of-violence that infests our nation like a plague. Horrific incidents like Columbine, Aurora, and Newtown call us to action.

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“If not me, who? If not now, when?”

Brian from Frederic, MI

I'm 65 years old and have been a priest for just about two months. I'm part time Priest In Charge of a small congregation in Northern Lower Michigan, in the middle of Midwest hunting country. I'm encouraged by the fact that I've seen some willingness to have a conversation about guns and gun control from people on both sides of the issue. And, as my friend Deacon Claudia says, "If not me, who? If not now, when?"

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It never should have happened

Joanne from Santa Monica, CA

When my son was in middle school he played tennis. His usual doubles partner lived in a home with a nanny. One day the nanny's estranged boyfriend arrived at the door with a gun. The nanny stood in front and my son\'s friend was behind her, but somehow he took the bullet. This young man was paralyzed from the waist down for life. After he came back to school, the boys still played tennis as partners, one in a wheelchair. It still brings tears to my eyes to remember how gallant they both were. But this never should have happened. The boyfriend shouldn't have had a gun.

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“I’m glad there is something we can do”

Anne from Irvington, VA

I'm glad there is something we can do rather than ringing our hands. I've written my congressman and senator asking them to DO something to begin to address the violence that is defining our country. We can only hope that if enough poeple will do whatever they can to voice their opinions on this issue congress will act not just debate. It's
very complicated but not impossible--- other countries have addressed this problem, why can't we?

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